It’s important to file UCCs quickly and correctly; mistakes in the UCC filing process can prove costly for secured parties if the debtor defaults or files for bankruptcy. Whether you have a one time need or manage a large UCC portfolio, CLAS has the experience, knowledge and tools to help you get the job done right.

Work with one of our friendly Service Representatives to submit a traditional paper UCC for filing, or file online with UCC eZFILE®, the CLAS private online UCC filing and portfolio management system – the choice is yours!


Click below to access links to fillable PDF UCC Forms. Once your form is complete, you may email it to with instructions for where your document is to be filed and how you would like the acknowledgement copy returned to you. To help guard against rejections, CLAS will perform a thorough review of your document before submitting it to the filing office.

National UCC Forms (click to expand)
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New York UCC Forms (click to expand)

Electronic UCC Filing and Portfolio Management with UCC eZFILE®

With the CLAS UCC eZFILE® system, users can prepare UCC filings and submit them electronically in over 40 jurisdictions nationwide. Filing your UCC Financing Statements and Amendments electronically not only improves the turn-around time for filing acknowledgement, it also helps prevent indexing errors and reduces your UCC filing costs. Or, you can prepare and submit the filing electronically to CLAS and request the document be filed over the counter.

Coordinating multi-jurisdictional filing projects is a breeze with the help of UCC eZFILE®. Filings can be combined as a project to be prepared, submitted and managed as a group. Users create a master project filing, and then edit only jurisdictional specific information, saving time and reducing the risk of drafting errors.