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Amendment/Merger/Conversion Filing
Annual Corporate Minutes
Annual/Biennial Report Filing
Assumed/Fictitious Business Name Services
Business License Services
Corporate and LLC Kits/ Minute Books
Corporate Document Retrieval
Document Drafting/Preparation
Filing of Dissolution/Withdrawal/Cancellation Documents
Filing of Formation/Qualification Documents
Good Standing/Status Certificate
Filing of Formation/Qualification Documents
Name Availability Check/Name Reservation
Tax Status Letters/Certificates
Trademark/Service Mark Research


Company Information Reports
Company Secretarial Services
International /Offshore Business Formation
International/Offshore Document Retrieval
Registered Office Address Service


UCC Filing
State Level UCC and Lien Searching
Fixture Filing Searching
Federal/State Tax Lien and Judgment Searching
State Court Searching/Retrieval
U.S. District Court Searching/Retrieval
Bankruptcy Searching/Retrieval

Real Property Services

Fixture Filing Searching
Ownership and Encumbrance Reports
Chain of Title Research
Open Mortgage Searching
Ownership Verification Search
Environmental Lien Searching
Specific Deed/Document Retrieval
How can I get a copy of an invoice?
What are the terms of payment for my CLAS Information Services invoices?
How can I pay my CLAS Information Services invoice?
What information do I need to provide when making a payment?
Does CLAS Information Services accept credit card payments?
Where can I mail a check for payment of an invoice?
How can I get set up for electronic ACH payments?
Do I pay from my CLAS invoice, or wait for a monthly statement?
What is my monthly statement?
Can I receive my monthly statement electronically?
What are your business hours?
How can I contact a CLAS Service Representative?
How can I place a new service request?
Does CLAS have a way I can place an order online?
Does CLAS accept credit cards?
Do I have an assigned CLAS Service Representative?
Do I have to open an account to work with CLAS?
Can I get legal advice from CLAS Information Services?
How can I get a user name and password for CLAS InfoPro?
I forgot my password to CLAS InfoPro™, what can I do?
Who can I contact to schedule training for CLAS online product?
How can I schedule a demonstration for a CLAS online product?