UCC, Lien & Litigation Services

When performing UCC, Lien and Litigation searches or filing UCC Financing Statements, you need access to the highest quality public records information and due diligence technology available – and a service provider you can count on.

With CLAS, you get the best of both worlds. For over 40 years, we have paired top-notch customer service with thoughtful technology to create the best solutions for our clients.

UCC, Lien and Litigation Search Services

We built our UCC, Lien and Litigation search services to help commercial banks, leasing companies, legal professionals and others uncover an applicant’s existing financial obligations and gauge their ability to repay debts.

Our Search Services Include:

  • State Level UCC and Lien Searching
  • Online DIY Search System™
  • Fixture Filing Searching
  • Federal/State Tax Lien and Judgment Searching
  • Secured Party Searching
  • Patriot Act Searching
  • Real Property Services
  • State Court Searching/Retrieval
  • U.S. District Court Searching
  • Bankruptcy Court Searching

Online DIY Search System™

Work with CLAS and enjoy anytime, anywhere access to perform UCC and lien searches using the most accurate, current state-direct data available. Flexible search logic enables you to identify name variations and uncover difficult to locate liens.

UCC and Lien Search System Features:

  • Searching by Debtor Name or File Number
  • Truncated Name Searching
  • Wildcard Character Searching
  • Sorting and Filtering Tools
  • Printable Similar Name Report
  • Downloadable Document Images
  • Saved Search History
  • Instant Invoicing

UCC Filing Services

It’s important to file UCCs quickly and correctly; mistakes in the UCC filing process can prove costly for secured parties if the debtor defaults or files for bankruptcy protection. Whether you file one UCC a month or one thousand, CLAS has the experience, knowledge and tools to help you file UCCs and maintain a healthy UCC portfolio.

Work with one of our friendly Service Representatives to submit a traditional paper UCC for filing, or filing online with UCC eZFILE®, the CLAS private online UCC filing and portfolio management system.


Portfolio Management Made Easy

With the CLAS UCC eZFILE® system, you can prepare UCC filings and submit them electronically in over 40 jurisdictions nationwide. Personalized filing templates and saved books of debtor, secured party and collateral information help expedite document preparation while free lapse date tracking ensures the timely filing of continuations.

We designed the UCC eZFILE® specifically to help you Save Time, Save Money and Stay Informed.

Features Designed to Help You Save Time
  • Personal Libraries: saved books of commonly used debtor, secured party and collateral information
  • Global Amendments: simultaneously prepare UCC3s for multiple UCC1 Financing Statements
  • Filing Templates: create a master filing, then copy and edit only unique transactional information
Features Designed to Help You Save Money
  • E-filing: incur reduced filing fees in many jurisdictions by E-filing your UCC1 and UCC3 documents
  • Requirements Validation: electronic validation ensures your UCC meets state requirements
  • Human Eye Review: expert review to check for typos, naming errors and other costly filing mistakes
Features Designed to Help You Stay Informed
  • Continuation Alerts: automated email alerts as UCC filings approach their lapse date
  • On-Demand Reporting: create and export customized reports of your UCC portfolio data
  • Company Wide Filings: View and track filings prepared by your colleagues or staff members
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