Solutions for Financial Institutions

Risk management is the cornerstone of your business. To minimize your organization’s risk, you need access to the highest quality public records information and due diligence technology available, and a service provider you can count on.

From pre-funding lien searching to debtor name monitoring, CLAS understands that risk management is an ongoing effort. We built our UCC, Lien and Litigation services to help you satisfy due diligence requirements every step of the way.

Before extending a loan or a line of credit, you want to learn everything you can about an applicant’s business compliance and existing financial obligations. Our comprehensive pre-funding solutions empower you to quickly evaluate prospects to make funding decisions with confidence.

Our Pre-Funding Products and Services Include:

  • Good Standing/Status Certificates
  • Corporate Document Retrieval
  • Tax Status Letters/Certificates
  • State Court Searching
  • U.S. District Court Searching
  • Bankruptcy Searching

Online DIY Search System™

Work with CLAS and enjoy anytime, anywhere access to perform UCC and lien searches using the most accurate, current state-direct data available. Flexible search logic enables you to identify name variations and uncover difficult to locate liens.

UCC and Lien Search System Features:

  • Searching by Debtor Name or File Number
  • Truncated Name Searching
  • Wildcard Character Searching
  • Sorting and Filtering Tools
  • Printable Similar Name Report
  • Downloadable Document Images
  • Saved Search History
  • Instant Invoicing


UCC Filing Solutions

When your deal requires the filing of a UCC Financing Statement, it’s important to work with a service provider you can trust to file the document quickly and correctly. Mistakes in the UCC filing process can prove costly for secured parties if a debtor defaults or files for bankruptcy protection. Whether you file one UCC a month or one thousand, CLAS has the experience, knowledge and tools to help you file UCCs and maintain a healthy UCC portfolio.

Work with one of our friendly Service Representatives to submit a traditional paper UCC1 or UCC3 for filing, or filing online with UCC eZFILE®, the CLAS proprietary online UCC filing and portfolio management system.

UCC eZFILE® Online UCC Filing and Portfolio Management System

With the CLAS UCC eZFILE® system, users can prepare UCC filings and submit them electronically in over 40 jurisdictions nationwide. Filing your UCC Financing Statements and Amendments electronically not only improves the turn-around time for filing acknowledgement, it also helps prevent indexing errors and reduces your UCC filing costs.

Coordinating multi-jurisdictional filing projects is a breeze with the help of UCC eZFILE®. Filings can be combined as a project to be prepared, submitted and managed as a group. Users create a master project filing, and then edit only jurisdictional specific information, saving time and reducing the risk of drafting errors.

We designed the UCC eZFILE® specifically to help lenders Save Time, Save Money and Stay Informed.

Features Designed to Help You Save Time
  • Personal Libraries: Save debtor and secured party information and standard collateral descriptions for future use
  • Global Amendments: Prepare, draft and submit UCC3s for multiple UCC1 Financing Statements simultaneously
  • Personalized Filing Defaults: Reduce repetitive typing by automatically populating secured party information
Features Designed to Help You Save Money
  • E-filing: Reduce your UCC filing fee in many jurisdictions by submitting documents to the filing office electronically
  • Requirements Validation: Rely on electronic validation to ensure your filing meets state-specific requirements
  • Human Eye Review: Trust our highly trained UCC experts to review your filings to catch potentially costly filing mistakes
Features Designed to Help You Stay Informed
  • Continuation Alerts: Receive free automated email alerts as UCC Financing Statements approach their lapse date
  • Customized Reporting: Create and export custom reports, including full portfolio details and on-demand continuation reports
  • Company-wide Filings: View and track all filings generated from your location with shared access to company-wide filings

Post-Closing Solutions

After funding a deal, it’s critical to keep a close eye on events that can jeopardize your ability collect. CLAS offers a variety of post-closing solutions to help you preserve your priority position and minimize your risk for loss.

Searches to Reflect

A search to reflect is a great way to catch UCC filing mistakes before it’s too late. The search will confirm proper indexing of your UCC filing and verify your lien position relative to other creditors.

Users of the CLAS UCC eZFILE® system can establish global defaults to request a search to reflect automatically with every filing. Our highly skilled UCC department will then:

  • Monitor the filing office index date
  • Initiate a search to reflect once the index date is sufficient
  • Review the search results for accuracy
  • Work with the filing office to correct and indexing errors
Continuation Alerts

As a secured party, you must monitor UCC lapse dates closely and be sure to file timely Continuation Statements as a UCC filing that is allowed to lapse in error can open the door for a junior creditor to move into a first-priority position.

With Continuation Alerts from CLAS, UCC tracking is a breeze. Every UCC filing prepared and submitted through the CLAS UCC eZFILE® system can be enrolled in free lapse date tracking. As filings approach their lapse date, users receive emailed Continuation Alerts to remind them to take action. On-demand continuation reports allow you to view and export a listing of UCC filings set to lapse up to a year in advance.

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