Real Property Services

CLAS Information Services offers a variety of services to support your transactions involving real property. Carefully cultivated over CLAS’s 40-year history, our real property services help real estate professionals, escrow companies, attorneys and others gather due diligence intelligence and close real estate transactions quickly and with confidence.

Real Property Search and Retrieval Services

Piecing together the full story on a piece of property requires meticulous research and a keen understanding of real property records. Our service Representatives are some of the most experienced in the industry and clients appreciate their in-depth knowledge of nationwide real property indices and attention to detail.

Our Real Property Search Services Include:

  • Fixture Filing Searching and Filing
  • Ownership and Encumbrance Reports
  • Chain of Title Research
  • Open Mortgage Searching
  • Ownership Verification Searching
  • Specific Deed/Document Recording and Retrieval

Document Recording and Publishing Services

CLAS Service Representatives have a detailed understanding of real property filing requirements and vast network of local agents to help expedite processing, eliminate rejected documents and record and publish your critical real estate related documents on time and on budget.

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